JSON_OBJECT will automatically remove escape characters

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Original topic: JSON_OBJECT会自动去除转义符号

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select JSON_OBJECT(“icon”,“”,“display”,“ab\c”,“regular_validation_rule”,“^-?[1-9]\d*$”);
This SQL statement automatically removes the underscore, resulting in {“display”: “abc”, “icon”: “”, “regular_validation_rule”: “^-?[1-9]d*$”}

If I use two backslashes, for example: select JSON_OBJECT(“icon”,“”,“display”,“ab\c”,“regular_validation_rule”,“^-?[1-9]\d*$”);
It becomes {“display”: “ab\c”, “icon”: “”, “regular_validation_rule”: “^-?[1-9]\d*$”}

Both of these are incorrect, causing an error in the regular expression. How should this be resolved?

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Just convert it directly to base64 and store it… :rofl:

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I found that the forum also added a , causing the message to be inaccurate.

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SELECT REPLACE(REPLACE(JSON_OBJECT(‘icon’,‘’,‘display’,‘ab\c’,‘regular_validation_rule’,‘^-?[1-9]\d*$’),CONCAT(CHAR(92),CHAR(92)),CHAR(92)), CHAR(92), CONCAT(CHAR(92), CHAR(92)));

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