Just Ask: How to Use the workload-sim (ticat) Tool

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Original topic: 不懂就问:请问 workload-sim(ticat)工具如何使用

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How do I use the tool (GitHub - innerr/workload-sim.tidb.ticat: Workload simulation automatic test on ticat)?

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Benchmarking tool?

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The community column mentions: 有关 TiDB 升级的二三事——教你如何快乐升级 | PingCAP

  • Workload-sim helps you comprehensively evaluate the effects of the upgrade by running real workloads on the test system using Database Replay.
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workload-sim is a TiDB stress testing tool written in Go that can simulate real business scenarios to perform stress tests on TiDB. The usage of workload-sim is as follows:

  1. Download the workload-sim tool using the following command:
git clone https://github.com/innerr/workload-sim.tidb.ticat.git
  1. Enter the workload-sim directory using the following command:
cd workload-sim.tidb.ticat
  1. Modify the config.toml configuration file to adjust the TiDB connection information, database name, table name, concurrency, execution time, and other parameters according to the actual situation.
  2. Run the workload-sim tool using the following command:
go run main.go

Or use the following commands:

go build main.go

After running, the workload-sim tool will automatically simulate business scenarios, perform stress tests on TiDB, and output the test results.

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Can the tool collect production environment traffic and replay it to a higher version cluster?

PS: There is no config.toml file in GitHub.

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Your version is a bit outdated. How about reporting to your superior and getting an upgrade?