[Key] Hackathon 2022 RFC Design Document Template

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Why Write a Design Document

A design document presents the implementation plan of a project and helps readers quickly understand the design ideas of the project.

[*] Marked as required

*Design Document Template

  • Team Name: Team name in the team registration form
  • Author: List the names of all project team members
  • Project Progress: If there are split PRs or issues, you can list the links

Project Introduction

A brief introduction to help document readers understand the summary information of the design document.

Background & Motivation

What is the background of this design document and what problem does it aim to solve? What use cases does it support?

This section does not need too many details but must state the motivation or background of the project clearly. Explain where the project requirements come from and what problem the project itself solves.

Project Design

This section can provide a detailed explanation of the design; reasonably and clearly explain how the function will be implemented, analyze cases through examples, and how to use the function, etc.

  • Application Group: The architecture design of the application itself and what specific problems are solved using TiDB’s features
  • TiDB Product Group: Explain what main features of TiDB you want to implement/improve/enhance and how you will achieve it

This section can describe the pseudocode of key algorithms, API interfaces, UML diagrams, etc., and what components will be modified.

Design Document Explanation Video (Optional)

You can record a simple design document explanation video to help the judges have a clearer understanding of the project.

RFC Submission Method

Submission Instructions

Submit the RFC project to the team leader’s GitHub gist, copy the gist link, click the link, and the team leader will fill in the link to complete the RFC submission (after the competition starts, a few teams will be randomly selected from the submitted RFC teams to receive mysterious prizes).

Using GitHub gist mainly protects the RFC from being publicly displayed before the preliminary round (only the project name, introduction, and team name are publicly displayed). If you cannot open gist, you can also submit using the team leader’s personal GitHub repository project readme.

Submission Example

Gist format template: TiDB Hackathon 2022 RFC Template · GitHub

Reference to Excellent Past RFCs