Let's Talk About Why Everyone is Taking the Certification Exam?

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Original topic: 聊聊大家都是为什么来考证的?

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Let’s talk about why everyone is taking the certification exam?

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My company has mandated that we must obtain a certification this year. Since we are currently using TiDB, I decided to pursue this certification.

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Because the original MySQL needed to be migrated to a domestic distributed database, we finally chose TiDB, and I might as well get certified in the process…

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:yum: To get the badge

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Because I’m using it now, I want to take the exam for peace of mind.
(So when will this year’s exam discounts be available?)

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Get a certification and learn some knowledge.

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I remember it will be available next month.

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Idle, is also idle.

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Looking forward to it :laughing:

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Learn new knowledge, get a certification, and prove yourself.

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