Load Base Split feature not working

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Original topic: Load Base Split特性不生效

| username: hey-hoho

[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] 5.3.2
[Encountered Problem]
There is currently a read hotspot region, and the load situation is as shown in the figure:

I want to automatically split the region using the load base split feature. There was no change when using the default parameters, so I tried adjusting the parameters to smaller values:

After observing for a while, there was still no effect. According to the heatmap, it should have met the splitting conditions, right?
Why won’t it automatically split? I have also done analyze.

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It’s been so long and no one has answered, so I’ll just post something: :crazy_face:
Is there some kind of checking mechanism that cancels the region split if the conditions are not met?
You can check in Grafana’s PD to see if there are any canceled split tasks.

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You found another bug! :cowboy_hat_face::custard::+1:

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There are always a small number of cancels, less than 10. I think this is normal, right?

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My understanding is that the conditions to trigger a split were met, but other conditions were not satisfied. Therefore, a split region operator was generated, but after checking, it was canceled. The phenomenon you observed is that nothing happened.