[Location: TiDB Chengdu Office] TiDB Southwest Region Hiring Pre-sales Technical Expert

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Job Qualifications:

  1. Bachelor’s degree or above from a nationally recognized university, with over 8 years of technical work experience, including at least the last 3 years in pre-sales work experience or IT software architecture consulting, pre-sales solution design, IT operations management experience;
  2. Familiar with mainstream database products, including Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, OB, etc., and proficient in at least one of them, able to reasonably explain database value and design models based on specific demand scenarios;
  3. Experience in government, finance (banking, securities, insurance), telecommunications, manufacturing, and internet consumer industries, familiar with industry development directions, technology trends, business models, and mainstream IT suppliers in the industry;
  4. Good communication and adaptability skills, able to independently conduct technical communication and exchanges with customers, and accurately grasp customer needs;
  5. Ability to deeply explore customer needs, guide demand direction, and write project proposal suggestions combining product advantages;
  6. Ability to quickly learn and integrate knowledge, good team collaboration skills, and rich customer service and emergency handling experience.

Please attach your resume in private messages~~~~~

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The snacks are really plentiful.

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Are you hiring DBAs?

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If your communication, logical, and technical skills are equally strong, then be brave and give it a try!

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Welcome to come and discuss.

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Seeing the term “expert” immediately draws a line between them and beginners. If you can’t even get in the door, it’s not something that can be measured by KPIs.

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Newcomers can give it a try too. The most important thing is the “ability to grow.” Don’t be afraid :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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