Methods for Limiting TiKV Memory

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Original topic: Tikv内存限制方法

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【TiDB Version】V 6.0
【Problem Encountered】Is there any way to limit the memory usage of TiKV? For example, I want to set a maximum limit of 2G or 1G to observe the performance loss.

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Adjust the following parameters:
storage.block-cache → capacity
rocksdb.defaultcf | rocksdb.writecf | rocksdb.lockcf → block-cache-size
raft-engine → memory-limit

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You can set limits, but TiKV itself requires a large amount of memory to achieve high performance, so such limits are not very meaningful.

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If there is no room for optimization in the SQL itself, it is recommended to limit the number of connections. Avoid having too many connections at once, which could crash the service.

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Okay, thank you everyone.

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