Modifying Database Names When Importing Backup Data

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Original topic: 导入备份的数据时实现库名的修改

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[TiDB Version] tidb v6.1.0
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[Encountered Issue: When importing the exported data, modify the database name (data was exported using TiDB’s dumpling tool, and I want to import the data using the lightning tool with a new database name, essentially importing the data into a new database)]
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Change the name of the exported data file. The exported data file should be database_name.table_name. Just change the database name to the new one.

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Use the Lightning database and table conversion function.

Set the sharding merge rules to import table1 and table2 from my_db1, and table3 and table4 from my_db2, a total of 4 tables from 2 databases, into the table5 table in the target database my_db.


schema-pattern = “my_db1”

table-pattern = “table[1-2]”

target-schema = “my_db”

For details, refer to: TiDB Lightning 配置参数 | PingCAP 文档中心

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There are two methods:

  1. Use sed for replacement.
  2. Use route with Lightning.
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The Lightning configuration file can add a mapping:
schema-pattern = “db”
target-schema = “test_db”