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Hello, TiDB!

This is my 293rd day joining the TiDB community.

Having been in the IT industry for many years and firefighting several times, I originally planned to stick with MySQL forever, but I forgot that the only certainty is uncertainty.

The spring of domestic databases has arrived, and DBAs should also keep up with the times, moving from the Stone Age to a more advanced and open era, to understand, familiarize with, and master domestic databases, such as the leader TiDB.

TiDB is a truly domestic open-source database that was open-source from the start of its venture. When I first came into contact with TiDB, I was attracted by its fully open-source code and documentation. Gradually, I discovered various excellent activities or courses, such as Talent Plan for university students, Hacking Camp for geeks, and PingCAP Education series courses for DBAs or developers.

The main storyline between me and TiDB started with the “TiDBer Talk: TiDB Certification Sharing Session.”

The Process of Improvement

TiDB Capability Certification

As a qualified TiJuaner, naturally, I went through all the PE courses and certifications. I have always advocated “learning through exams.” When first encountering a new database, quickly setting up a minimal verification environment and using it to get a real feel is essential. Meanwhile, reading the official documentation and learning from the original courses can help me quickly fill in theoretical knowledge, thus achieving a dual advancement of theory and application.

I must say, TiDB PE courses are all conscientious courses, making commercial courses “free for a limited time.” For database novices or those with some other database foundation, they can quickly and effectively learn TiDB. If there are any questions about the course, they can be fed back in the forum, and the issues will generally be effectively resolved, forming a good course learning loop.

TiDB 6.x in Action

TiDB 6.x in Action has been officially released. The TiDB 6.0 Book Rush event started in mid-April and officially concluded in late July. Except for a period when I was ill, I participated throughout. While researching TiDB, I kept outputting articles; while reviewing articles, I carefully read other students’ articles to broaden and deepen my knowledge; while editing the e-book, I practiced the cases to identify and fill gaps.

Good activities are like this, making me enjoy them, but there are also “side effects,” occupying my spare time, sometimes even reviewing PRs or browsing related posts or issues at one in the morning.

Interesting Souls

520 Special: Guessing Riddles

Is the fun of riddles in the brain-teasing or the joy of solving them?
Both, I guess. A group of interesting people played “brain-teasing” games on 520. Interested students can come and try it, experiencing what Ti-style humor is.

Q: A Prophet who controls the past controls the future.
A: Not only in The Matrix is there a prophet, but TiDB also has one, which is TSO (Timestamp Oracle).

More riddles in the post: Such a brain-teasing and interesting event, are you sure you don’t want to try it?

520 Special: Cloud of Images

Special “love” for special “you,” the most active partners all appeared in this post.

【520 Special】Let the TiDB community loudly express their “love” for you

AskTUG Forum is the spiritual home of TiJuaners. I got my latest heatmap from @Billmay. Except for the time during the New Year and sick leave, it seems I still come to “HOME” often this year, sometimes even on weekends to “check-in.”

In AskTUG, you can not only get the first-hand community news, TiDB anomaly cases, and solutions but also rich resource cases, and the technical monthly that I was fortunate to participate in editing.

Additionally, some joys in the TiDB community are unimaginable. In less than a year, I have received 16 badges, the most surprising of which is the “Moderator Candidate.”

Of course, there are other “surprises,” such as the limited edition canvas bag, the limited edition “Pac-Man” T-shirt, the coolest Ti keyboard, the new Billmay same-style shoulder bag, and more.

To Be Continued

On a summer night, with the incessant chirping of cicadas, I am so engrossed in TiDB that I can’t extricate myself, and the sultriness seems to dissipate a bit.
Returning to the original intention of being a DBA, we are “climbers” and “pioneers,” with clear goals and no self-imposed limits.
At the same time, we need to remain humble, accumulate steadily, and then reap the rewards.

Finally, please @Billmay, hhh~

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Hhhh TiDBer Talk first collaboration, but it feels like we’ve known each other for a long, long time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Impressive, impressive, just passing by to pay my respects.

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On a midsummer night, the cicadas chirp incessantly. Immersed in TiDB, I find it hard to extricate myself, and the heat seems to dissipate a bit. Returning to the original intention of being a DBA, we are “climbers” and “pioneers” with clear goals and no self-imposed limits. At the same time, we must remain humble and accumulate knowledge steadily to achieve great results.

I really like this passage~

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ShawnYan’s badge is really impressive! “Viewed from the side, it looks like a ridge; viewed from the front, it looks like a peak” is an accurate description of the badge, hahaha.

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Can the code of an open-source database be turned into a work of art!

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