[New Channel TiPerformance Premiere] TiDB Performance Overview Monitoring Dashboard: Introduction

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Original topic: 【新频道 TiPerformance 首发】TiDB Performance Overview 监控面板:入门

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When using TiDB in application systems, if you encounter performance bottlenecks and latency fluctuations, you might end up frantically tuning parameters and experimenting, consuming a lot of manpower and resources, yet still unable to find an effective method for performance optimization.

In this video, we have invited Mr. Song Yuying and Ms. Shao Xixi from the PingCAP Performance Testing team to bring you an introductory course on the TiDB Performance Overview monitoring panel. This course will help you understand the database time optimization method and color optimization method introduced in TiDB, and how to use these two methodologies to identify performance bottlenecks from top to bottom and achieve performance optimization.

Topic: TiDB Performance Overview Monitoring Panel: Introduction

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Have you ever encountered a situation when using search functions on certain websites or developing query applications:

For example, when you are looking for a book in a minor language in a book search system, there might be only a few related books in the database; the search speed is usually fast in this case. However, when you search for English books, there are many related books in the database, and the search speed slows down.

In the OSSInsight project, we have a feature that helps us “intelligently” choose the search method to quickly display query results. How exactly is this achieved? Let’s follow Mr. Dong Fei to find out!

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So cool!

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I’ve finished reading it. The analysis chart, the comparison and combination of the original metrics, the different dimensions of thinking, and the product analysis strategy are all connected. Great job!

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Very useful.

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TiDB has already developed its own optimization system and methodology, and it should be the only domestic one, right?

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Very strong, a powerful surrounding database.

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We are well aware that there are still many gaps and shortcomings compared to the big players~

We will continue to work hard~

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Once you enter the world of databases, it’s as deep as the sea.

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Excellent :+1:

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Color management