Ningbo AUX is looking for a mid-to-senior DBA, long-term and stable, with over 5 years of work experience, salary 30-45K/year, specializing in Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, and TiDB!

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Original topic: 宁波奥克斯需要一名中高级DBA,长期稳定,工作经验5年以上,薪资30-45/年,oracle,mysql,sql server,TiDB 方向!

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Ningbo AUX is looking for a mid-to-senior DBA for a long-term stable position with over 5 years of work experience. The salary range is 30-45k/year, focusing on Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, and TiDB! Interested candidates, take a look! :partying_face:

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for the company’s database architecture management, planning, design, and implementation of deployment solutions;
  2. Ensure stable database operation: daily monitoring, troubleshooting, and performance optimization;
  3. Manage database information security: security monitoring, configuration, and auditing;
  4. Customize backup strategies and check backup statuses;
  5. Other tasks: complete other work assigned by superiors;

Job Requirements:

  • Educational Background:
    • Bachelor’s degree or above in computer and information engineering or related fields. Education requirements can be relaxed for those with matching work experience.
  • Training Requirements:
    • Trained in operating systems, databases, storage, and basic networking. Mid-to-senior professional certification is preferred.
  • Work Experience:
    • Over 5 years of database management experience in large or medium-sized enterprises, with practical project experience in database management.
  • Skills and Competencies:
    • Familiar with UNIX and LINUX operating systems, with implementation and troubleshooting capabilities;
    • Knowledgeable in storage and networking, with routine maintenance capabilities for related products;
    • Proficient in ORACLE, MySQL, TiDB, SQL Server databases, with strong troubleshooting and performance tuning skills;
    • Familiar with database migration and disaster recovery solutions, with implementation capabilities for database disaster recovery;
    • Skilled in database backup, with experience using backup tools like NBU and Aishu, and capable of conducting data recovery drills;
    • Understanding of middleware such as Tomcat, Weblogic, or WAS, with the ability to comprehend application architecture.
  • Environmental Awareness:
    • Conscious of environmental protection, avoiding mess and disorder;
    • Basic awareness of health and safety conditions and self-protection.
  • Attitude:
    • Good professional ethics, meticulous, patient, cautious, practical, and steady;
    • Strong dedication and sense of responsibility, with a strong sense of work principles;
    • Strong interpersonal communication and coordination skills, strong execution, and good team cooperation awareness.

Note: Comprehensive quality and ability can relax hiring conditions;

Resume Submission

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