O'Reilly Report: High-Performance Data Architectures

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Original topic: O’Reilly Report: High-Performance Data Architectures

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Companies need to embrace the three Vs of data: volume, variety, and velocity. There is an ever-growing need to process a growing volume of data, integrate it from multiple sources and systems, and facilitate real-time data processing and analysis. But how do you choose the right high-performance data architecture to meet these demands?

In this latest O’Reilly report, you’ll explore what this data architecture is, unpack its various design components, and uncover how these architectures improve data management in the cloud. You’ll also discover:

  • Why databases keep evolving
  • How to choose the right database for your company
  • Design patterns for building a high-performance data architecture
  • The impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on database architecture

By the end of this report, you’ll be ready to make more informed decisions about your data management strategy. You’ll also have a blueprint to improve the efficiency of your business.

Report download: Oreilly-Report-High-Performance-Data-Architectures.pdf (1.0 MB)

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