Output SQL query results in JSON format

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Original topic: sql查询结果输出json格式

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Big data retrieval

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Big data uses JSON format data. How can I directly output the SQL execution results in JSON format?

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Is the volume large? Navicat directly supports exporting in JSON format.

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I want to batch pull data daily in the code and directly convert it to JSON.

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Single row:

SELECT JSON_OBJECT('id', sbtest9.id,
                   'k', sbtest9.k,
                   'c', sbtest9.c,
                   'pad', sbtest9.pad) AS json
FROM sbtest9

Multiple rows:

SELECT sbtest9.*,
       JSON_ARRAYAGG(JSON_OBJECT('id', sbtest9.id,
                                 'k', sbtest9.k,
                                 'c', sbtest9.c,
                                 'pad', sbtest9.pad)) AS JsonArray
FROM sbtest9
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