Panic Error Issue When Compiling and Running Example with TiKV's client-cpp Client Referencing Rust Source Code Client

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Original topic: tikv的client-cpp客户端引用rust源码客户端编译 执行example出现panic报错问题

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Overview: I am using the client, and I compiled the dependent rust-client library locally. After compiling the example test program generated by client-cpp and retrieving the inserted key-value, a panic error occurred.

Background Problem Description: What operations have been performed
In the above client-cpp client, the tikv-client rust client is used. Since I need my own OpenSSL, I compiled the source code locally and pointed the tikv-client dependency in client-cpp’s Cargo.toml to the local one. After compiling client-cpp, the generated example links to my TiKV cluster. After retrieving the corresponding key-value, a panic occurred. I set the Rust source to Tsinghua source.

Here is the key error information I captured. Could you please take a look at how to handle this?

  24: std::panicking::try
             at /rustc/015a824f2dffe32707fceb59c47effaf7b73486c/library/std/src/
  25: std::panic::catch_unwind
             at /rustc/015a824f2dffe32707fceb59c47effaf7b73486c/library/std/src/
  26: cxx::unwind::catch_unwind
             at /root/.cargo/registry/src/
  27: tikv_client_glue$cxxbridge1$transaction_commit
             at ./src/
  28: _ZN16tikv_client_glue18transaction_commitERNS_11TransactionE
  29: _ZN11tikv_client11Transaction6commitEv
             at ./src/tikv_client.cpp:112:23
  30: main
             at ./example/main.cpp:27:15
  31: __libc_start_main
  32: <unknown>
note: Some details are omitted, run with `RUST_BACKTRACE=full` for a verbose backtrace.
Error: panic in ffi function tikv_client_rust::ffi::transaction_commit, aborting.
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This issue should have more information and support on GitHub.

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