Partition Table Decimal Precision Expansion

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Original topic: 分区表 decimal精度无法扩容

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment / Testing / PoC
[TiDB Version] V6.5.0+
[Reproduction Path] Changing the decimal type field of a partitioned table from decimal(10,0) to decimal(20,4) results in an error: Unsupported modify column: table is partition table. According to the official documentation, it seems that there is no column type change.

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I tested it, and it really doesn’t work. However, the length of the varchar type can be modified. Is the decimal type more special?

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I remember that in MySQL, the precision of the decimal type in partitioned tables cannot be directly modified either.

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A regular table should work, but a partitioned table won’t.

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Varchar can only be increased, not decreased.

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Changing from decimal(10,0) to decimal(20,4) increases the precision, and the field is not truncated.

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I originally wanted to look at the source code, but I didn’t know where to start. :sweat_smile:

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I also tried changing from decimal(10,0) to decimal(11,0), and it is not supported either.

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However, changing varchar(20) to varchar(30) is possible, but changing it to varchar(10) is not.

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This is the standard expectation :joy:, fields can only be expanded, not reduced.

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Mark, I really didn’t know about this restriction before.

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So it might really be that the decimal field type is quite special.

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I tried it with MySQL and it worked. For TiDB, the internal format for decimal is in pkg/types/mydecimal. I see there is an add method, maybe it is not fully developed yet?

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Based on the source code location you mentioned, I checked it. The pkg/types/mydecimal directory contains functions for decimal type calculations. I think it should be in ddl/column.go.

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Yes, it should be in the file you mentioned, the onModifyColumn method. Check how MySQL handles it.

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It is not supported. You can only add a column, then update, and delete that column. In change.

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The current product limitation can be tracked as an enhancement: Decimal type fields cannot be resized or precision improved within the partition table · Issue #54441 · pingcap/tidb · GitHub. The product will gradually optimize this in the future. The PR for restricting partition table modification is: ddl: restricting MODIFY COLUMN on partitioning columns. by mjonss · Pull Request #38670 · pingcap/tidb · GitHub.

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This is the issue I submitted. :joy: After receiving the relevant reply, I checked the code. The source code in pkg/ddl/ddl_api.go intercepted the error.

Looking at the needChangeColumnData function, I found that the source code should actually be doing a decimal expansion check. Then, when judging the same type of change, it directly returns true. After reading the comments, how does a non-partitioned table change?

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The main point is here:

If needChangeColumnData is true, it will reach here. As long as it is a partitioned table, it will directly return a “table is partition table” error. Only non-partitioned tables can proceed normally.