PD configuration: Some bool values displayed as string

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Original topic: PD 配置 获取部分 bool 显示为 string

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When querying PD’s configuration through HTTP, some true or false parameters are displayed as strings, while others are displayed as booleans.

However, in the toml configuration file, they are set using boolean values.

Is this intentional? Or how can we distinguish in such cases? [Version 5.4]

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TiDB’s version iterations have been too fast in recent years, and developers are not being careful.

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Take TOML as the standard. For example, when modifying parameters using pd-ctl, do not add quotes:
config set enable-cross-table-merge false

I guess the JSON display style is related to the Go struct field type definition and is not strictly consistent with TOML. As long as it is understandable, it is fine.

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Yes, let’s see if we can standardize it, otherwise it will be very troublesome to handle during parameter checks.

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