PD node host restarted, continuous alarms in PD logs

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Original topic: pd节点主机发生重启,pd日志一直有告警

| username: maokl

[2022/06/27 17:24:29.411 +08:00] [WARN] [http.go:543] [“request cluster ID mismatch”] [local-member-id=995d91c54f4b0892] [local-member-cluster-id=fd16c20d10f48177] [local-member-server-version=3.4.3] [local-member-server-minimum-cluster-version=3.0.0] [remote-peer-server-name=8f6db1edb48cb8bf] [remote-peer-server-version=3.4.3] [remote-peer-server-minimum-cluster-version=3.0.0] [remote-peer-cluster-id=18b4a84de13b98e3]

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Looking at the logs, there are warning messages about inconsistent cluster id. After restarting, the local cluster id is local-member-cluster-id=fd16c20d10f48177, while the one read from tikv is remote-peer-cluster-id=18b4a84de13b98e3.

Do the other PD nodes have similar logs?

Is there an error on the TiKV side saying it can’t start?

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The other PD nodes are normal, and TiKV is also normal.

| username: maokl | Original post link

The PD node returned to normal after reloading through scaling.

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