PD TSO Timestamp Issue

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Original topic: PD TSO时间戳问题

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[Encountered Problem: Problem Phenomenon and Impact] I have some questions about PD’s TSO. If the NTP times of the three PD machines are not aligned, with the primary node PD having the correct time and the follower nodes having delayed times, will the TSO decrease if the primary node fails and a follower becomes the primary? Will this cause data anomalies?
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It won’t get smaller. When allocating, it will be compared with the previous one and can only get larger, not smaller.

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No, it won’t. Because the global version number of TSO is composed of physical time and logical time. Even if the physical time of the follower node is older, the logical time will still maintain a monotonically increasing order, so no abnormal data will appear.

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TSO Clock Synchronization

After a PD is successfully elected, it cannot start serving immediately. It needs to ensure that the allocated ts is not less than the ts allocated by the previous leader. First, the PD reads the maximum ts that the previous leader might have allocated from etcd. Then, it checks the local clock to ensure it is greater than the previous ts (if the clocks between different PDs are not synchronized, it may need to sleep and wait). Finally, it persists the current time +3s (adjustable via tso-save-interval) as the new “maximum allocatable ts” to etcd.

The time for this step mainly depends on the degree of clock synchronization. If ntp is normally enabled, it can be completed quickly.

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@TiDBer_jYQINSnf @forever @TiDBer_CQ Thank you all for the explanations.

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TSO, as a logical clock, maintains monotonicity and will not experience rollback. However, if deployed across multiple centers, clock issues may arise. Generally, it is placed in one center, or most PD nodes are in one center.

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No, this issue would definitely be considered during the design phase.

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