Performance testing of tidb cluster using tpc-c benchmarking

Application environment:

TiDB version:v7.0.0

Reproduction method:

Problem:Run tpc-c for my tidb cluster with 3 tikv,3 tidb and 3 pd components deployed on 3 VM’s with 100 warehouses by following tidb’s doc for tpc-c benchmarking and got undesired results.

Resource allocation: Each vm is comprised with 2 vCPUs, RAM: 8 GiB


Hi Abhaya,

IMO, 3 VMs are definitely not enough for benchmark tests. If you want to make a benchmark test, you need to follow this document to deploy a production cluster. And follow this document to start your tpc-c test.

If we can not meet this machine’s requirements, TiDB might not have the best performance at some typical benchmark tests.

Thanks for reply @CheeseWong
I have deployed that cluster not for production and just for testing.
Can u suggest minimum configuration required for vm’s to tpc-c with 100 warehouses to get desired results.

For benchmark testing, The following configurations are required at a minimum:

  • 2 * TiDB
  • 3 * TiKV
  • 1 * PD

And refer to the following figure for the machine configuration of each component:

can i get any example desired result for tpc-c with 100 warehouses.

What is your desired result? A specific performance number?

Note that tpcc is a generic tool and if you are interested in performance for a specific application I would recommend to test with that application instead of tpcc.

I’m not doing for any application and I’m trying to test tidb database using tpc-c and produce report to our organization.

This is also being discussed here: Slack

Are u saying Insufficient configuration is the reason for not getting efficiency in between 0 to 100.