Port 9090 is occupied

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Original topic: 9090端口被占用

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The TiDB monitoring port is occupied. The database has already been installed and deployed, but the 9090 port is occupied by a system process and cannot be killed, causing the monitoring program to fail to start.
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Try scaling down the monitoring, changing the port, and then scaling it back up to see if it works.

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Is it using the Kylin system? Port 9090 is occupied by a system service. Just follow the method mentioned in the first post.

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Big bro, you’re awesome, you recognized it at a glance.

The COCKPIT monitoring tool that comes with the Kylin server operating system uses port 9090;
[root@localhost ~]# lsof -i:9090
Stop the COCKPIT service to free up port 9090
[root@localhost ~]# systemctl stop cockpit.socket

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It’s Kylin Linux.

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Method 1: Disable the cockpit service in Kylin
Method 2: Modify the configuration file of the monitoring to change the port

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