Problem creating cluster

Trying to create cluster but constantly get error:

Error: init config failed: tikv-b:20160: executor.ssh.execute_failed: Failed to execute command over SSH for ‘***@tikv-b:22’ {ssh_stderr: invalid configuration: “[src/server/]: store label key: "replication zone" not match [1]?A-Za-z0-9?$”
, ssh_stdout: , ssh_command: export LANG=C; PATH=$PATH:/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin /tikv/tikv-deploy/tikv-20160/bin/tikv-server --config-check --config=/tikv/tikv-deploy/tikv-20160/conf/tikv.toml --pd “” --data-dir “/tikv/tikv-data/tikv-20160”}, cause: Process exited with status 1: check config failed

I’ve find out that it works fine in tidb version 3.0.0 but not with 5.2.0-7.6.0
Also checked expression [2]?A-Za-z0-9?$ if it is correct and it is not because of /

  1. $ ↩︎

  2. $ ↩︎

It seems like you are encountering an issue while creating a TiDB cluster with a specific version. The error message indicates a problem with the configuration check for the TiKV component of the cluster.

The error message specifically mentions an issue with the store label key “replication zone” not matching a certain regular expression pattern. This error is related to the configuration of the TiKV component in the cluster.

Based on the error message, it seems that the regular expression used for the store label key validation is causing the problem. The expression ^[$]?[A-Za-z0-9]([-A-Za-z0-9_./]*[A-Za-z0-9])?$ is mentioned as incorrect due to the presence of /.

To address this issue, you may need to review and adjust the regular expression pattern used for the store label key validation in the TiKV configuration. You can refer to the TiKV configuration documentation for the correct format and syntax required for the store label key.

Additionally, since you mentioned that the cluster creation works fine with TiDB version 3.0.0 but not with versions 5.2.0-7.6.0, it’s possible that there have been changes or updates in the configuration requirements between these versions. You may need to review the release notes and documentation for the specific versions you are working with to ensure that the configuration settings align with the updated requirements.

If you need further assistance with adjusting the TiKV configuration or understanding the changes between versions, you can refer to the official TiDB documentation for detailed guidance on configuration settings and version-specific changes .

If you encounter any specific issues or need further clarification on adjusting the configuration, feel free to provide more details for additional assistance.