[Q&A Review] TiCDC Source Code Analysis #2 | Introduction to the TiKV CDC Module

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Original topic: 【Q&A 回顾】TiCDC 源码解读#2 | TiKV CDC 模块介绍

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This article is the second issue of TiCDC source code interpretation - TiCDC Scheduler working principle analysis, including the on-site Q&A collation, video review, and sharing material download collection. If you have more questions about this sharing, you are welcome to leave a message under this post.

The following is the Q&A review of this issue’s TiKV CDC module introduction

Q: Does ticdc support writing kafka compression?
A: Yes, by adding compression in the sink-uri, the supported compression algorithms are gzip, lz4, zstd, and snappy. The documentation has been updated Add `compression` to TiCDC Kafka sink config by overvenus · Pull Request #12198 · pingcap/docs-cn · GitHub

Q: How to evaluate the quality of tags and tag systems? What are the evaluation indicators?
A: (Did not understand the question, the user who asked the question can express it more accurately)

Q: How to know the time of transaction capture? And does it completely include the entire transaction?
A: TiCDC uses the resolved ts generated by TiKV, grouping all transaction change events with commit ts less than resolved ts by start ts, each group is a complete transaction.

Q: Does cdc need to interact with multiple tikvs to determine transactions?
A: If the regions involved in the transaction are distributed on multiple TiKVs, then interaction with these TiKVs is required.

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