Questions about choosing TiDB types

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Original topic: 提问关于tidb类型的选择

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We are using AWS hosts.
I noticed that their KV selected EBS with a speed limit of 120MB for 3 TiKV. If there are a lot of read and write operations, will the speed be throttled?

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It feels too low for TiKV.

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This speed is like a mechanical hard drive.

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The mechanical disk has a write speed of 250MB/s.

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Not even as good as a mechanical drive :grin:

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This configuration cannot bring out the performance of the database.

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If the TiKV memory is large enough, it should be able to manage.

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If you don’t use high-performance disks for TiKV nodes in TiDB, it will be very problematic later on…

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In a production environment, TiKV machines should all be NVMe, right? If it’s a small system with low concurrency, just use a regular MySQL.

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Performance is even worse than a mechanical disk, probably fatal.

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This disk latency configuration is quite eye-catching.

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Too low.

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Low, poor performance.

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This performance definitely won’t cut it, it might even be worse than a laptop.

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It should be very slow, TiDB has high IO requirements.