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Original topic: 关于 TiKV witness 的疑问

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In the public documentation, witness is rarely mentioned, and many issues about witness on GitHub are in an open state.

From the doc submission records, it seems that the witness feature was planned to be merged into version 6.6, but it was not actually merged, or only partially merged?

There is also no description of witness in the Release Notes.

However, in the v7.1 pd configuration, there is a configuration item enable-witness.

So I would like to inquire about the roadmap for the witness feature.

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No, tikv raftstore

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Watch the market, and pay attention to updates on TiDB’s official documentation and GitHub.

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Due to some adjustments in the plans, the development of witness has been temporarily suspended. The main functionality of witness has been completed, but it has not yet reached GA (General Availability).

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Okay, thank you.

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