Recommended Number of TiCDC Synchronization Tasks

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Original topic: ticdc 同步任务个数建议

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  1. Is there a limit on the number of changefeeds configured in ticdc? For example, is there a recommended maximum number?
  2. Is there a recommended maximum number of tables to be synchronized in each changefeed?

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Please provide the version information of each component, such as cdc/tikv, which can be obtained by executing cdc version/tikv-server --version.

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I didn’t see any clear restrictions on these two points. I’ve seen TiCDC clusters with hundreds of changefeeds, and by default, changefeeds sync all tables, right?

Based on experience, you might consider the following suggestions:

  • Create separate changefeeds for large tables.
  • Control the number of tables in a single changefeed.
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