Requirements for Using the TiUP Tool

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My cluster is version 5.4.x, and I am quite concerned about tool compatibility issues. Could you please provide the installation packages for older versions of tidb-ctl, tikv-ctl, and pd-ctl for arm64, such as 6.1.x and 5.4.x?

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There should be backward compatibility.

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There is a lower version, check if the mirror source is correct.
tiup ctl:v5.4.3 -h
The component ctl version v5.4.3 is not installed; downloading from repository.
download 261.02 MiB / 261.02 MiB 100.00% 56.00 MiB/s
Starting component ctl: /home/tidb/.tiup/components/ctl/v5.4.3/ctl -h
TiDB controllers

tiup ctl {tidb/pd/tikv/binlog/etcd/cdc} [flags]

-h, --help help for tiup
–ignore-version Skip explicit version check

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You can go to the official website to download the TiDB-community-toolkit package of the version you need, then extract these files and use them directly.

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Use tiup list tidb to check which versions are supported by your mirror source. From the screenshot, it looks like you installed version 7.5.0, so you can only use this version.

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Thank you. It indeed does not support the darwin/arm64 architecture. I hope the official team can support it.

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