[Resource Compilation] The Most Comprehensive Resources for TiCDC Source Code Analysis Series!

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Original topic: 【资源汇总】TiCDC 源码解读系列最全资源!!!

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What is TiCDC?

TiCDC (TiDB Change Data Capture) is a tool used to capture and output data changes in a TiDB/TiKV cluster. It can serve as an incremental data synchronization tool for TiDB, synchronizing incremental data from the TiDB cluster to downstream databases. It also provides an open data protocol, supporting data publishing to third-party systems.

Do you remember asking the community what other source code interpretation series they would like to hear about during the community chat?

We received 65 comments from community members, among which…

Hearing everyone’s voices, the engineers behind TiCDC have come with substantial content! The TiCDC source code reading series will focus on introducing the internal implementation of TiCDC from the source code level.

Starting from November 24, we will continuously bring the TiCDC source code interpretation series and will keep updating the most comprehensive sharing resources in this post.

Resource Download Area

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#1 “Overview of TiCDC Architecture”:

#2 “Introduction to TiKV CDC Module”

#3 “Analysis of TiCDC Cluster Working Process”

#4 “Analysis of TiCDC Scheduler Working Principle”

#5 “Introduction to TiCDC DDL Event Handling Logic and Filter Implementation”

#6 “Introduction to TiCDC Puller Module”

#7 “Revealing TiCDC Sorter Module”

#8 “Implementation Principle and Performance Optimization of TiCDC MySQL Sink”

#9 “Introduction to Implementation Principle and Protocol of TiCDC Kafka Sink”

#10 “Introduction to Implementation Principle and Protocol of TiCDC Storage Sink”

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It must be available, we will enable replay permissions for the video channel.

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I have already made an appointment. When using TiCDC, you will find that there is relatively little related information in the official documentation. When delays occur during use, you don’t know where to start. Without understanding the internal principles, you won’t understand the operating principles of components like puller, sorter, and mounter, and why delays occur.

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The issue has been included in the source code interpretation questions. Stay tuned for each subsequent Q&A~

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