Resource Control: Issues with the Version Referenced by Gosigar

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Original topic: resource control, gosigar 引用的版本问题

| username: ShawnYan

Why is cloudfoundry/gosigar referenced in TiDB, while elastic/gosigar is referenced in PD? Aren’t you worried that calling the same method from two different repositories might lead to synchronization issues and cause exceptions?

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It might be due to historical reasons. Maybe one day it will be merged.

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Is this version 7.1?

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Need an official response.

| username: ShawnYan | Original post link

Yes, the version 7.1 code of pd/tidb.

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Thanks for the reminder, it was a mistake in importing the package.
However, this feature is not yet used in op, so the impact is not significant. I will submit a PR to make the changes as soon as possible.

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Related issue: resource_manage: fix gosigar import package · Issue #6734 · tikv/pd · GitHub
Already merged into master.

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