Sample Applications built with TiDB Serverless

With TiDB Serverless and your preferred framework, the possibilities are limitless. To help you kickstart your project, we’ve identified a few categories you might consider. Remember, these are just sparks to ignite your imagination – the sky’s the limit!

Category Description Samples
Hybrid Transactional/Analytical Processing Applications that handle high-volume transactions and perform analytical queries on big data or streaming data simultaneously. * Personal health data tracking and personalized suggestions
* Short link services with high-performance transactional processing and analytics
* Real-time sports match analytics and predictions platform>* Smart parking solution with real-time space availability tracking
*Real-time fraud detection in financial transactions
* WEB 3 in HTAP: decentralized e-commerce marketplaces with secure transaction processing and real-time supply chain data analysis.
API & Integration Applications that integrate with popular APIs to provide a unique service or functionality. * Integrate with popular tools (Elasticsearch, Kafka, TensorFlow);
* Integrate TiDB with different languages and frameworks.
* Integrate TiDB Data API with 3rd-party PaaS/SaaS
Artificial Intelligence Applications that leverage machine learning and data processing to demonstrate the power of AI * News article classification based on real-time trends
* AI-based adaptive pricing engine for e-commerce platforms
* AI-driven project management tool that predicts task completion times

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