【TiDB Future App Hackathon 2023】Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Original topic: 【TiDB Future App Hackathon 2023】常见问题 FAQ

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1. How many people can form a team for the Hackathon?

  • Team size is limited to 1-4 people. If you feel you don’t need teammates, you can also participate alone!

2. What is the prize pool for the Hackathon?

  • The total prize pool is $36k, with three types of awards: Top 7 awards, special awards, incentive awards, and finalist awards. For specific details, see:

3. When can I start coding?

  • You can start coding anytime after registering between 6.6 - 7.28.

4. Where can I find teammates?

  • If you want to team up with global developers, you can find top developers worldwide through Discord find-teammate.
  • If you want to team up with participants from the China region, you can find teammates through WeChat groups.
  • Be proactive in finding teammates. Introduce yourself when joining the group, clearly describe what kind of teammates you need, what tech stack you are familiar with, and what project you want to work on. Providing more effective information can help you form a team faster.

5. What are the differences in requirements for the preliminary and final rounds?

  • There are no differences. Projects entering the finals get an additional 3 days to modify their work, allowing you to fully optimize your project and compete for first place.

6. What are the requirements for the participating projects in this event?

  • The TiDB Future APP Hackathon requires participants to use TiDB serverless to build a runnable application. We hope your application has: innovation and good user experience design.

7. How many teams will be shortlisted in the preliminary round? What are the rewards for the finalist award?

  • A total of 60 teams can pass the preliminary round, and the finalist list will be announced on August 3rd.
  • From August 4th to August 6th, you can further optimize your product and resubmit it to compete for the first prize.
  • Finalist awards include TiDB Hackathon peripheral rewards: retractable coffee cup, stickers, canvas bag, rest/focus timer.

8. Can multiple awards be won simultaneously?

9. Is there a presentation session in this year’s Hackathon?

  • This year’s TiDB Future App Hackathon 2023 is conducted entirely online, with no presentation required. Judging will be based on the project information and demo video you submit on Devpost. Please submit your project information as comprehensively as possible (the more detailed, the better).

10. What are the requirements for recording the demo video? What content should be included?

  • Demo Video Requirements

    • The demo video should be 4 minutes long, including [PPT presentation (optional)] + [application demonstration].

    • The video must be uploaded to YouTube and can be set to public or private but viewable via a link.

    • All participants must copy and paste the YouTube demo link into the corresponding area of the submission form.

    • Language requirements: Since most judges are overseas, the video can be recorded in English. If you have difficulties, you can explain in Chinese, but the subtitles should be in English to reduce scoring obstacles and help you get higher scores.

  • Demo Video Content

    • Project Introduction

      • Who is your target audience?

      • What problem are you solving, or what user need are you addressing?

      • How are you solving this problem/need from the user’s perspective?

    • How did you use TiDB Cloud in your project?

    • Demonstration of application features and user flow

    • Brief introduction of the technologies you used

      • From a technical perspective, how did you solve key problems?

      • What unique features did you build into your application?

      • What core aspects or achievements of the project do you want to highlight?

    • Share your current project development progress

    • Share your development plan for the remaining part of the Hackathon

11. Is there a PPT template? Can you provide a PPT template for project introduction?

  • Yes, you can get the PPT template through this link.

12. Can the demo video only be uploaded to YouTube?

  • Yes, because this is a global Hackathon and most judges are overseas. To ensure uniformity, all demo videos need to be uploaded to YouTube. If you need any help, you can contact the official staff at any time.

13. I don’t have any good ideas for now. Are there any materials that can inspire me?

For more detailed information, please refer to: