Video recording guide——TiDB Future App Hackathon 2023

[Creating PPT]

Google Slides: TiDB Future App Hackathon 2023 - Google Slides

Try to make:

  • Concise text

  • Larger font (to make the content easier for judges to read)

[Recording Content]

Part 1:

PPT demonstration

Part 2:

Application program demo

[Recording Operation]

Use Zoom/Google meetings or any other meeting software to record.


  1. Create a meeting by yourself and click “Record” after entering. Select “Local Recording”,

  2. Currently on speaker, start recording normally;

  3. After entering the recording, the “Record” at the bottom changes to “End Recording”;

  4. The recording status is displayed in the upper left corner of the main window, with control icons for “Pause Recording” and “End Recording”;

  5. At the bottom toolbar, click the triangle icon to the right of “End Recording” to expand the menu bar and add “Pause Recording” and “End Recording” functions;

* 1) Pause recording: Click to pause the current recording, and the button becomes "Resume Recording";

* 2) Resume recording: Resume recording status;

* 3) End recording: End and exit the recording state, and prompt "When the meeting ends, the recording file will be automatically converted to MP4 format";

* 4) The recording status in the member list remains consistent;

[Recording Precautions]

  1. Choose a quiet environment to avoid interruption and ensure clear audio;

  2. If choosing to include your face in the recording, refer to the following suggestions:

  • The background color of the live speech should be single;

  • If conditions permit, it is recommended to use an external camera for video speech to make the image clearer. Otherwise, use the computer’s built-in camera.

  • Try to keep the lighting uniform in the conference scene;

  • Avoid wearing clothes with the same color as the background color;

  • Video screen: a half-body shot, look straight into the camera. It is recommended to be in the center of the screen, leaving proper distance on both sides and above.


  1. After recording is complete, click “End Meeting” to end the recording.

  2. After the meeting ends, download the approved MP4 format.Suggest recording video at 480p.