Project Submission Guidelines - TiDB Future App Hackathon 2023

Google Slides:

TiDB Future App Hackathon 2023 - Google Slides

You will not need to prepare the PPT content again, as the PPT template for the project introduction/video recording has already been prepared here.

:open_book: Submission Guidelines:

:busts_in_silhouette: Basic Team Information:

  • Provide details about your team, including team members’ names and roles.

  • Include a brief team profile to introduce your creative team name.

  • Specify the TiDB Serverless registration account associated with your team.

:memo: Application Description:

  • Describe your application in 3-4 sentences.

  • This description can be written in the submission form “Project Details - Project Story” section.

:movie_camera: Video Demonstration Submission: (less than 4 min)

  • Create a video demonstration of your application, along with an optional PowerPoint presentation.

  • Make sure your video is detailed: Provide a clear description of your application, its features, and how it utilizes TiDB Serverless.

  • Upload the video to YouTube, ensuring it is publicly viewable or accessible via a shareable link.

  • Here are some guidelines to make your demo video great:

    • :pencil2: Meet the Hackathon requirement:

      • Ensure that the length of the video is under 4 minutes.

      • You can include PPT (not mandatory) along with application demonstrations.

      • Uploaded your video to YouTube and publicly viewable. It can be unlisted but must be viewable via the link. Copy and paste the YouTube link to the designated submission portal

      • Show off your application’s best features and user flows.

    • :memo: A snappy introduction:

      • Who is your target audience? Make it clear!

      • What problem are you solving or what user needs are you addressing? Spark their curiosity!

      • How are you addressing the problem/need from the user’s perspective?

    • :computer: Technology & TiDB Serverless integration:

      • How did you cleverly incorporate TiDB serverless into your project? Impress us!

      • Give us a brief overview of your technology:

        • How did you tackle key technical challenges? Wow us with your brilliance!

        • What unique features have you built into the application? Stand out from the crowd!

        • Highlight your main product qualities or achievements. Let your success shine!

    • :sparkles: Share project progress:

      • Share your current development progress of the project

      • Share your development plan for the remaining part of the hackathon

    • :alarm_clock: Submit on time:

      • Finally, don’t forget to submit your demo video by the specified deadline. Late submissions will not be considered, so make sure you plan your time effectively to complete and upload your video on time.

:link: Packaged Interface Program or Link:

  • Include a publicly available packaged interface program or provide a link to access it.

:computer: Code for Event Review:

  • Submit your application code for event review purposes only. It should not be publicly accessible but visible to the organizers.

:computer: Application Code Repository (Optional):

  • If your code is publicly available on GitHub, you can submit the repository URL.

  • It is up to your team to decide whether the code is open-source.

:file_cabinet: Here are the PPT templates we have prepared for you.

Google Slides: TiDB Future App Hackathon 2023 - Google Slides

Video recording guide:Video recording guide——TiDB Future App Hackathon 2023

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