TiDB serverless FAQ——TiDB Future App Hackathon 2023

  1. If I use more than 5GB, what should I do to request more resources?
  1. Database connection requirements & guidelines document
  1. Data import guidelines
  • There are multiple ways to import data into a TiDB instance, such as using the tools from MySQL community, including LOAD DATA statement, etc, or using TiDB first party tools like TiDB Data Migration (DM), Dumpling, Lightning, CSV import on TiDB Cloud. When importing data, consider the following best practices:

    • Ensure that your data is clean and well-structured before import.

    • Split larger files into smaller chunks for more efficient and reliable imports.

    • Monitor the import process to catch and address any issues promptly.

    • Test your import on a smaller dataset before importing the entire dataset.

  1. Is Serverless Tier permanently free, or will it be charged in the future, and will the database built now be charged in the future?
  • As of the current status, TiDB Serverless offers free quota for our users. Check our pricing page for details. TiDB Serverless Pricing Details | PingCAP. We continuously reassess our service provisions and pricing based on various factors, including public cloud providers, operational costs, market conditions, and evolving business strategies.

  • While we endeavor to offer the best value to our users, we cannot guarantee that TiDB Serverless will remain free permanently. Any significant changes to our service tiers, including pricing, will be communicated to our users through the appropriate channels.

  • We encourage you to regularly check our official website for the most up-to-date information, or subscribe to our newsletters or updates for notifications about changes to our services. For specific pricing inquiries or more details, please reach out to our customer support team.

  1. What tools are recommended to connect to TiDB cloud serverless?
  • You can use any MySQL-compatible client to connect to TiDB, including command-line tools like MySQL client and graphical interfaces like MySQL Workbench. Other popular tools include DBeaver and Navicat. Ensure that the client tool you use supports the version of MySQL that TiDB is compatible with. Check this page to get connection reference - Choose Driver or ORM | PingCAP Docs.
  1. How to manage orgs and projects ?
  1. How can I change the default UTC+0 time zone in the monitor to the local time zone?
  1. What is chat2query ? How should I use chat2query correctly?
  1. Why can’t I receive email verification after registration?
  • If you have not received the verification email for a long time after registration, we suggest you check whether it has entered the spam box first. If it didn’t enter the spam box, you can try the following operations:

    * a. Observe the rule setting of email clients to see if the verification emails are filtered to other folders.
    * b. Check if the registered email address you provided is correct and not misspelled.
    * c. Try to resend the verification email.
  • If none of the above actions can solve the problem, we suggest you contact us through discord.

  1. Build a TiDB App Using Spring Boot
  1. Some Resources
  1. Validity Period of Cloud Resources
  • There is no time limit for the validity of the 5GB of TiDB cloud serverless resources, which are available for use from the time you start using them until you use up the 5GB. To apply for additional cloud resources, please join the discord (:ok_hand:hackathon-help). The validity period for the credit $100 TiDB cloud serverless cloud resources is until December 30, 2023, after which they will expire.

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