Scaling down TiCDC did not update Prometheus configuration

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Original topic: 缩容 ticdc 没有更新 Prometheus 配置

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When using tiup to remove the ticdc component, the Prometheus configuration was not updated. My steps were as follows:

  1. tiup cluster scale-in xxx -N xxx:8300,xxx:8300,xxx:8300,xxx:8300 (alert manager alarmed, checked Prometheus and found the configuration had not changed)
  2. tiup cluster scale-out xxx xxx.yaml (added a ticdc node)
  3. tiup cluster scale-in xxx -N xxx.yaml (I remember tiup used to have a -R parameter, but it seems the current tiup doesn’t have it. Checked Prometheus and found the configuration still hadn’t changed)
  4. tiup cluster scale-out xxx -N xxx.yaml (expanded a tidb node, alert manager disappeared)
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What version? It would be best to provide all of them…

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If possible, modify the meta.yaml information and restart the monitoring.