Selection between TiDB Data Migration and Otter

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Original topic: TiDB Data Migration与otter的选型

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I want to aggregate and synchronize multiple upstream MySQL clusters to a TiDB cluster for report querying. Which solution is better?
Need to synchronize DDL, but I see that DM has some DDL limitations.
Is TiDB Data Migration less compatible with MySQL compared to Otter?
Can anyone with experience share their insights? Thanks.

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Personally, I feel that whether using DM or Otter, if the downstream is TiDB, the issue of DDL compatibility will always exist.

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Did you use unsupported DDL with DM?

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There is documentation on handling failed DDL statements at 使用 TiDB Data Migration 处理出错的 DDL 语句 | PingCAP 文档中心. You can test it more.

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You dare to use this otter, I can only respect you as a brave man.

Fixes are also calculated on a monthly basis.
If my boss isn’t pointing a gun at me, I wouldn’t spend much time researching it. The documentation and communication both feel very difficult.