Set tidb_mem_quota_query to 1G but still see some queries exceeding 1G on the dashboard, what's going on?

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Original topic: 设置了tidb_mem_quota_query 为 1G 但是看dashboard 还是有一些 超过1G 的,怎么回事?

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What is your TiDB version?

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Check if the variable tidb_mem_oom_action is set to LOG. If it is set to LOG, the SQL will still execute, but an execution log will be printed in the log file.

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I don’t have this parameter. Version 4.0. I set that one, but it doesn’t work.

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Okay, I’ll take a look.

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The actual memory usage can exceed the tidb_mem_quota_query setting; it is not a hard limit.

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If the statement exceeds a little, it can still run.

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