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Although I have many years of experience in IT and DB work, I was still a novice in TiDB before participating in this course for certification. I hope to quickly and systematically grasp the basic knowledge of TiDB through the PCTA certification to expand my work capabilities.

After setting my learning goals, I started with the “TiDB Quick Start” as an introductory tutorial. This is a very brief and concise course that takes only 90 minutes to provide a clear and comprehensive understanding of TiDB.

After understanding the knowledge points of the PCTA syllabus, I used the course “TiDB Database Core Principles and Architecture (101)” as the foundational course for exam preparation. This course covers most of the knowledge points required for PCTA certification and is recommended for everyone to focus on.

After completing the “TiDB Database Core Principles and Architecture (101)” course, I signed up for the free certification exam for TiDB database practitioners by PingCAP to simulate the online exam scenario and verify my learning outcomes. Although the questions were simple, passing the exam quickly and smoothly boosted my confidence in learning and certification. It also provided valuable experience in taking TiDB online exams, which I highly recommend for first-time exam takers.

The 101 course is concise, but some knowledge points are explained simply. To gain a deeper understanding of TiDB’s key principles and reinforce the previous course, I chose the “TiDB Advanced System Management [TiDB v5] (302)” as a supplementary course for the PCTA certification. However, since the 302 course has over 1,700 minutes of content, it was unrealistic to complete it all in a short time. Therefore, I focused on chapters related to the PCTA syllabus or those that interested me. Some parts of the 302 course overlap with 101, while others expand on it. Studying the relevant sections of 302 helped review and deepen my understanding of the 101 course, which I highly recommend.

Taking notes is essential for studying. Since I signed up for the exam, I took it seriously and created a directory based on the PCTA syllabus map. I then filled in my class notes or key screenshots according to the chapters. Writing the “Study Notes” itself was a great systematic review and summary process. During this process, I revisited some course videos and took notes on weak points from my earlier studies.

Three weeks passed from completing the course to the certification exam, and the content I learned gradually became vague. Fortunately, I had my organized “Study Notes.” I spent most of the day before the exam reviewing them, which proved very effective. In the end, I was lucky to pass the exam with a score of 80.

This is a small experience sharing of my PCTA learning and certification. I hope it helps those who plan to take the exam later. A small reminder: some PCTA questions require detailed knowledge. I initially thought I could finish 50 questions in about half an hour, but it took nearly an hour. So, those who want to pass smoothly need to spend real time on course study and exam preparation. Finally, I wish everyone success in their certification.

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The learning method is worth emulating, manual thumbs up.

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Share the notes :grinning: