Should the enable-relay parameter be enabled to store MySQL's relay log locally?

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Original topic: 把MySQL的relaylog存放至本地,是否开启enable-relay这个参数?

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My TiDB version is 7.5.1, and I read in the manual:

In versions 5.4.0 and later, you can enable the relay log by setting enable-relay to true. Starting from version 5.4.0, when the DM-worker binds to the upstream data source, it will check the enable-relay item in the upstream data source configuration. If enable-relay is true, the relay log function will be enabled for that data source.

But I didn’t configure it in the yaml file, and directly executed the command

start-relay -s mysql-replica-01

It also worked normally.

Is the official documentation incorrect?

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Whether to enable relay log, the default value is false. Starting from DM v2.0.2, this configuration item is deprecated, and the start-relay command must be used to enable relay log.

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