[Showcase] Some Recent Custom Gifts

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Original topic: 【晒一晒】近期的一些专项定制礼物

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Customized Sand Painting:

Awarded to the TiDB Community’s First Essay Contest Review Committee as a memento. This award is given to the review committee of the first essay contest in the TiDB community, which consists of moderators, evangelists, and community event members.

Bookrush Reviewer Group Exclusive Badge Gift Box:

This award is given to the reviewer group members of the TiDB 6.0 Book Rush, who are composed of P company engineers, evangelists, moderators, and active community members, for reviewing articles in the Bookrush 6.0.

Column Contest Trophy:

New Peripheral Product Voting Entrance:

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Heartbroken with joy.

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Very nice~ :poultry_leg: