Showcasing the Evangelist Committee Trophy

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Original topic: 晒一把布道师组委会奖杯

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The image you provided is not accessible. Please provide the text you need translated.

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Why is the trophy always so protective? My cousin racked her brains to protect everyone, haha.

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It looks like it needs to be changed~

Otherwise, it will become a lethal weapon hhhhhhhh

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The product manager is trembling :smiley:

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No need to change, DBAs don’t have handy tools, these are really good, otherwise what would they use to handle demands, :100:

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How about creating a TiDB weapon spectrum? You can showcase the various generations of handy tools.

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  1. The first image shows a screenshot of a discussion on the AskTUG forum. The user is asking about the performance of TiDB in a specific scenario.
  2. The second image shows a response to the user’s question, providing detailed information about TiDB’s performance and optimization strategies.
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Putting this directly on the table, no one would dare say it’s a database issue anymore.