Showcasing the gifts prepared for the Love Challenge on Qixi Festival, July 15th

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Original topic: 晒一波接下来 7月15日七夕节为爱挑战准备的礼物

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The depth of love is as stable as TiDB! (The manufacturer’s photos might not look great, but stay tuned for my actual pictures and photos)

Before turning on the light

After turning on the light

Video effect:

A summer must-have that both big and small lovers like, a small fan!

Various customized peripherals are also in the process of being customized…

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Deep feelings, misty rain
How deep is the love, how stable is TiDB

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You’ve turned into a poet!

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SF Express cash on delivery, thank you.

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Only children make choices; I want them all. :kissing_closed_eyes:

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Love it.

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Squatting for one

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I want all of yours…

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I like this little fan, haha.

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