Single-Node Multi-Instance Deployment Failure

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Original topic: 单机多实例部署失败

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[TiDB Usage Environment] /Test/

The above topology.yaml configuration information

tiup cluster check topology.yaml
tiup cluster check topology.yaml --apply

It always reports an error and cannot proceed.
How should this be handled?

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Followed the documentation for deployment, but it doesn’t work this time.

It was working a few months ago…

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I don’t see any issues. Just deploy it without checking and see.

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If labels information is not added, the same error will be reported.
When starting with tiup cluster deploy, it will prompt that labels differentiation has not been done.

If labels information is added in the topology.yaml configuration file, tiup cluster check will report a Fail message.
However, tiup cluster deploy can start successfully. :rofl:

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The check does not mean that deployment is impossible due to lock errors; it just indicates that your configuration might not be optimal.
Refer to this:

Environment checks are not a mandatory process for deploying a cluster. For production environments, it is recommended to perform an environment check and pass all inspection items before deployment. If not all inspection items are passed, the cluster may still be deployed and run normally, but optimal performance may not be achieved.

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Yes, but when I see something in red, I just want to get it all correct, haha, a bit obsessive :joy:

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Follow the documentation completely, set whatever needs to be set.

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Carefully compare the documentation.

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TiFlash and TiKV cannot be in the same location.

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That’s not the case. It’s about configuring labels for multiple TiKV instances on a single machine, and then it can be deployed. The prompt can be ignored.

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Got it.

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Without labels information

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