Some Issues with the `tiup cluster tls` Command

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Original topic: tiup cluster tls 指令的一些问题

| username: EricSong

When trying to enable TLS between TiDB components, I encountered some issues. During the troubleshooting process, I found a specific command that can be used to enable TLS between components:

tiup cluster tls [enable/disable]

However, this command can both enable and disable TLS. But the official documentation mentions:

enable_tls: Whether to enable TLS for the cluster. Once enabled, components and clients must use the generated TLS certificates to connect. Once enabled, it cannot be disabled. Default value: false

I would like to ask if TLS between components can be disabled?

| username: srstack | Original post link

You can use tiup cluster tls disable to disable it (the documentation may need to be updated).