Spark reading TiDB: All selected data is in one executor, leading to OOM

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Original topic: spark读取tidb,所有select出来的数据都在一个executor中,最后导致了oom

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When Spark reads TiDB, all the selected data is in one executor, which eventually leads to OOM. Is this an issue with TiDB itself?
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Regarding the issue of Spark reading methods, it is recommended to use TiDB’s TiSpark to read TiDB, which will achieve a more balanced reading capability. If Spark’s JDBC reading method does not specify a partition key (RDD distribution), it will read into a single executor.

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If a query returns a very large amount of data, it may cause Spark executor memory to be insufficient, triggering an OOM error. In this case, you need to optimize the query statement, refining the query conditions to the smallest range to reduce the amount of data returned.

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You can refer to this for manual partitioning with JDBC: JDBC To Other Databases - Spark 3.5.1 Documentation

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If the query involves a large amount of data, you can try optimizing the query conditions, such as adding indexes and using appropriate filtering conditions, to reduce the amount of data read.