Strange Data Appearing in the information_schema.cluster_info Table

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Original topic: information_schema.cluster_info表出现诡异数据

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] v6.1.1
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There is a row in the information_schema.cluster_info table where the IP of the tidb instance cannot be found, but tiup display shows that there is no tidb-server with the 4000 port. I would like to ask what could be the issue.
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I just checked the documentation and found a bug in it. The documentation is missing an introduction to the server_id column.
I think we can look it up based on this column information, but what does this column represent? I thought it was the process ID, but it isn’t in my environment.

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The component started at 19:26 on December 7th, which was yesterday. Can you recall what you were doing at that time yesterday?

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You must have performed some operations at that time, right? Could the data have been generated by mistake?

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I found out that it was caused by the BR backup. It is currently in the BR checksum phase, but the official documentation does not mention that such an instance would be started.

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