Sudden Surge of Slow SQL: INSERT INTO mysql.stats_histograms

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Original topic: 突然出现大量慢SQL,INSERT INTO mysql.stats_histograms

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment / Testing / PoC
[TiDB Version] 6.5.3
[Encountered Problem: Phenomenon and Impact]
A large number of slow SQL queries suddenly appeared.

[Resource Configuration] Go to TiDB Dashboard - Cluster Info - Hosts and take a screenshot of this page

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Do any of you know the reason?

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Post the execution plan and let’s take a look.

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id task estRows operator info actRows execution info memory disk
Insert_1 root 0 N/A 0 time:1.85ms, loops:1, prepare: 47µs, check_insert: {total_time: 1.8ms, mem_insert_time: 292.6µs, prefetch: 1.51ms, rpc:{BatchGet:{num_rpc:2, total_time:1.43ms}, tikv_wall_time: 721.3µs, scan_detail: {total_process_keys: 26, total_process_keys_size: 2080, total_keys: 26, get_snapshot_time: 39.5µs, rocksdb: {block: {cache_hit_count: 108}}}}}, commit_txn: {prewrite:2.8s, get_commit_ts:237.1µs, commit:2.3s, slowest_prewrite_rpc: {total: 2.800s, region_id: 116045, store:, tikv_wall_time: 2.8s, scan_detail: {get_snapshot_time: 15.9µs, rocksdb: {block: {cache_hit_count: 69}}}, write_detail: {store_batch_wait: 934.2ms, propose_send_wait: 0s, persist_log: {total: 1.87s, write_leader_wait: 642.4ms, sync_log: 1.22s, write_memtable: 6.21µs}, commit_log: 1.87s, apply_batch_wait: 41.1µs, apply: {total:231.5µs, mutex_lock: 0s, write_leader_wait: 0s, write_wal: 41.1µs, write_memtable: 54.8µs}}}, commit_primary_rpc: {total: 2.299s, region_id: 116045, store:, tikv_wall_time: 2.3s, scan_detail: {get_snapshot_time: 21.2µs, rocksdb: {block: {}}}, write_detail: {store_batch_wait: 1.12s, propose_send_wait: 0s, persist_log: {total: 1.18s, write_leader_wait: 543.6ms, sync_log: 633.2ms, write_memtable: 5.02µs}, commit_log: 1.18s, apply_batch_wait: 34.5µs, apply: {total:220µs, mutex_lock: 0s, write_leader_wait: 0s, write_wal: 34.5µs, write_memtable: 76.8µs}}}, region_num:1, write_keys:13, write_byte:1170} 11.9 KB N/A
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Is this table updating statistics? Have you done table analysis?

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I haven’t done it, just running normally.

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The mysql.stats_histograms stores statistical information about tables (such as the number of distinct values and NULL values in indexes and data columns), which can help optimize the performance of SQL queries.

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This should be fine, it might be caused by locks.

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No, it’s not just that. A commit taking 7.5 seconds? Was the cluster almost down at that time? It must be that the IO was completely dead for a commit to take more than 7 seconds, right?

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There was a period of high IO.

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The disk performance is still not very good, which has an impact.

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Is the mysql.stats_histograms table a status histogram? Why would there be an insertion for this?

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Is internal statistical information affecting normal use?

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Moreover, looking at the details of your execution plan, most of the time is stuck on flushing to disk. You should first check if there is an issue with the disk. Poor disk performance shouldn’t cause flushing to take this long; there must be some malfunction…

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Boss, how should this be detected? Please guide me. :pray:

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What kind of disk is it? It can’t be a mechanical disk, right?

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Test the I/O situation on the corresponding disk:

time dd if=/dev/zero of=test bs=8k count=100000 oflag=direct
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You can check the monitoring item tidb-nova-prod-Disk-Performance to see the IO situation.