Suggestions on Redeeming Points for Learning Courses and Exam Vouchers

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Original topic: 关于积分兑换学习课程及考试券的建议

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  1. It is recommended that the exam vouchers can be checked for their validity period by the users themselves, directly in the backend, so they can view it at any time.
  2. It is suggested that the validity period of the exam vouchers be extended a bit longer. If exams are scheduled on weekends, people might have more time. On weekdays, it is easy to encounter meetings or business trips, making it difficult to schedule a suitable exam time.
  3. The current exam cycle is a bit long, so it is recommended to add more exam sessions in between.
  4. For the learning courses that can be redeemed with points, it is suggested that the points required should not be too high to encourage more participation in learning.
  5. It is hoped that the courses redeemed with points will not have an expiration date.
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I completely agree Like

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It is recommended to be able to take the exam at any time.

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Strongly agree.

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Strongly agree.

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:yum: Regarding the exam time, I asked before:

To avoid taking up rest time, we excluded Saturday and Sunday.
Finally, we chose one evening on a weekday, excluding Monday and Tuesday for work planning, and Friday for work summary.
Of course, most importantly, it is assumed that everyone works from 9 to 5 :wink:

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Completely agree, bumping it up.

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@Soline324 The demand is very strong~ :melting_face: :melting_face: :melting_face:

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