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Error reported when using sync_diff_inspector for data validation

[root@tidb02 bin]# ./sync_diff_inspector --config=config.toml  
A total of 1 tables need to be compared

Comparing the table structure of ``epp`.`insurance_area_face_mode`` ... failure
Progress [============================================================>] 100% 0/0
The structure of `epp`.`insurance_area_face_mode` is not equal, and data-check is skipped

The rest of tables are all equal.
The patch file has been generated in 
You can view the comparison details through './output/sync_diff.log'
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To add: The table structure validation in the configuration file is set to false, but the table structure is still being validated during data validation.

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How about trying a newer version of sync diff?

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Found the cause. It is suspected that the table structure can be detected as unknown, but the SQL to repair the table structure cannot be output. Later, after modifying the table structure to be consistent, the SQL to repair the table structure can be output when executed again.

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