The default value of the time type field is inconsistent when replicating a DDL statement to the downstream MySQL 5.7. What can I do?

Suppose that the create table test (id int primary key, ts timestamp) statement is executed in the upstream TiDB. When TiCDC replicates this statement to the downstream MySQL 5.7, MySQL uses the default configuration. The table schema after the replication is as follows. The default value of the timestamp field becomes CURRENT_TIMESTAMP:

mysql root@> show create table test;
| Table | Create Table                                                                     |
| test  | CREATE TABLE `test` (                                                            |
|       |   `id` int(11) NOT NULL,                                                         |
|       |   PRIMARY KEY (`id`)                                                             |
|       | ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1                                           |
1 row in set

From the result, you can see that the table schema before and after the replication is inconsistent. This is because the default value of explicit_defaults_for_timestamp in TiDB is different from that in MySQL. See MySQL Compatibility for details.

Since v5.0.1 or v4.0.13, for each replication to MySQL, TiCDC automatically sets explicit_defaults_for_timestamp = ON to ensure that the time type is consistent between the upstream and downstream. For versions earlier than v5.0.1 or v4.0.13, pay attention to the compatibility issue caused by the inconsistent explicit_defaults_for_timestamp value when using TiCDC to replicate the time type data.