The index acceleration JOB_TYPE column's ingest has changed to txn-merge, what does it mean?

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Original topic: 索引加速JOB_TYPE 一列中的 ingest变成txn-merge了,啥意思?

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【TiDB Usage Environment】Production Environment / Testing / Poc
【TiDB Version】v6.5.0
【Reproduction Path】
A table with 460 million rows, testing the index acceleration feature of version 6.5.
Set tidb_ddl_reorg_worker_cnt to 32.
Observe the progress through admin show ddl jobs; initially, the job_type column shows add index /* ingest /, but after a few seconds, it changes to: add index / txn-merge */

At the same time, the /tmp/tidb/ directory /tmp/tidb/tmp_ddl-4000 is no longer used.

Does this mean that the index acceleration feature is not being used?

The documentation says

  • To verify whether the completed ADD INDEX operation used the index acceleration feature, you can execute the ADMIN SHOW DDL JOBS statement and check if the JOB_TYPE column contains the word ingest.

【Encountered Problem: Problem Phenomenon and Impact】
admin show ddl jobs; the job_type column shows add index /* txn-merge */. What does this mean?
There is no relevant explanation found in the documentation.
【Resource Configuration】
A single-node physical machine.

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I tested it,
tidb_ddl_reorg_worker_cnt = 12
The status is indeed add index /* ingest */
However, the data volume is too small to see any difference.

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JOB_TYPE as txn-merge indicates that TiDB is performing batch commit operations on a large volume of transaction data to reduce the number of commit transactions and optimize index performance.

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Yes, this status is normal.

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Is it mentioned in any official documentation?

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